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With two English-language alternative pop albums under her belt, Ginger Rodriguez wanted to finally produce a Spanish-language project for her Latinx community. However, Rodriguez pushes boundaries in Latin culture by promoting female sexual liberation in the lyrics for "Leo." The song also features samples from legends like SOPHIE and Travis Barker, making the track a blend of latin hyper-pop and pop-rock. The new song will be released on all music platforms on Wednesday, February 16—corresponding with the year’s first full moon in Leo.

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"Pop Cult" is a 13-track conceptual album to be released in 2023. The album idea was conceptualized in 2013 and Rodriguez's goal was to be signed onto a major label before releasing the album in order to have an 'abundance of resources to produce and promote the album.' By 2021, Rodriguez realized she couldn't rely on what she couldn't control; so, she began writing her first single from the album, "Leo" which also acted as her debut into Latin-Pop. This came about as she wanted to begin including elements from her Mexican-American culture into her songs. Rodriguez continues to showcase the facets that form her identity by following her observations of pop culture, politics, and religion and how they relate to each other.


“Leo” was the first single from “Pop Cult” and was released on the first full moon in Leo of 2022—Feb. 16. Ginger Rodriguez wanted to use her background as a queer latinx woman to produce a Spanish-language song that shared her queer story and promoted female sexual liberation in her lyrics. Rodriguez also creates her own lane in Latin-Pop by blending elements from different genres in the song, by using samples from SOPHIE, Travis Barker, and elements from traditional Latin songs.

"La Rosa de Guadalupe" is the second single from "Pop Cult"



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