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About me

Hi friends, so "Pop Cult" is the third album that I'm currently in the process of making.

Sonically this album is influenced by the orchestral soundtracks from Old Hollywood movies, 1950s rock and roll, and mainstream bubblegum pop music of the 2000's. Lyrically, the album explores the "cult" of celebrity and pop culture through references to religious iconography and the 'charismatic leaders' of New Religious Movements.

The idea of "Pop Cult" came to me in the early 2010s but I always wanted to wait until I had some amount of notoriety and record-label money to finally execute my vision. However, after establishing myself as an Independent Artist and building my lil fanbase, I've decided this album is honestly past due and I can't wait any longer to fulfill this goal of mine.

How to help

Since this project is really important to me, I want to try my best to make it the best that I can with what I have. As an independent artist, all the funding for my projects comes from my own savings which makes it a bit more challenging since most of my money is spent trying to pay to survive (like paying for housing, food, bills, etc.) so I need help funding this project.

I am hoping to make this a crowdfunded project so that I can

execute my vision and also allocate funds to pay my collaborators, pay for promotional material like visuals, music videos, advertisements, physical copies of the album, etc. 

So if this project sounds interesting to you or you just want to support me, please consider donating to this fundraiser to help me create this album. 

If you decide to donate, your name will be printed on the liner notes of the album when it is released so I can credit you for helping me monetarily produce this project. 

To give you an idea of what this album will be like, on this page are visuals and some snippits of some rough demos I've been working on for the album. These demos may not appear on the final album that is released, but I think they may help give you an idea of my direction.


Photos by Sydney Wisner

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Photo by Ren Breach


Please note that you're donating to fund this album, and as I am still in the process of making it, "Pop Cult" may not be released until 2023 or later since the album process takes time. However, your support and financial contributions will be so very helpful and I hope I can make you proud with its release.

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