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Ginger Rodriguez

Content Creator & Social Media Specialist

Ginger Rodriguez is a graduate of Texas State University's School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She earned her degree in Electronic Media, with a minor in Popular Culture Studies. Rodriguez also earned her Social Media Marketing Certification from Stukent's Mimic Social program for successfully creating and managing simulated social media marketing campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


Example Work

The following examples are projects I can tailor to your brand


Xela Diseños

Instagram Post Example

Xela Diseños is a latina-owned jewelry and spiritual shop in Texas. Using information about the business and a photo from their website, I wrote this copy to market a hypothetical collection launch.

Our new crystal bracelet collection is now available on our website. Our founder, Alex, made these bracelets by hand as a way to honor her Mexican culture since Mexican spiritualists believe crystals can empower and protect those who use them. Alex made these crystals wearable so that all Xela Babes can feel confident and spiritually safe wherever they go while also looking stylish. 

Click the link in our bio to shop the collection and find out which crystal bracelet may be best for you✨

Nissa New York

TikTok/Story Ad Example

Nissa New York is a small-business made by fashion designer Amanda Hoffman. Using photos from Nissa New York's website, I made this example advertisement for TikTok and Instagram/FaceBook/Pinterest stories.

To create your own, choose a topic that interests you. It can be anything from fashion and


Newsletter Example

Epiphone is a long-established guitar manufacturer known for its reliable and innovative guitars. In this hypothetical newsletter, I wrote copy to inform subscribers of a new model guitar that will be 15% off for those who use the code.

TIKTOK samples

TikTok is a fairly new platform that brands are trying to adapt to. However, I have been a longtime user of the social-network and can build your platform from the ground up. Here are some examples as to how some of my own original content has performed:

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